professionella utredningar för förståelse och utveckling 

Umeå Test Center

Umeå Test Center provides psychological assessments conducted by licensed professionals. Through the use of scientifically validated tests and procedures, we provide clients with a practical understanding of various aspects of personal functioning such as mental processes, psychological health and reading ability. Through the increased self-awareness, and by the guidance of our highly skilled consultants, appropriate compensatory strategies are formulated to help you towards the fulfilment of your personal needs.  

The assessment process step by step:

  1.  Based on the initial contact information provided, your request is matched with a consultant having the suitable competence profile. The assessment process then begins with an interview concerning the purpose of your contact. Relevant background information is also gathered and discussed.
  2. Based on the information provided in step 1 the consultant then selects the appropriate assessment methods. Tests are administered and a clinical interview is conducted. 
  3. Upon completion of the assessment the consultant provides you with an in-depth verbal and written assessment report. This report includes recommendations on self-care and compensatory strategies concerning your personal needs and abilities. In some cases specific treatments are discussed and referrals can be made for further assessment and specialist involvement. Certificates are issued upon request.

Psychological tests are largely language dependant. Therefore valid results in general can only be obtained through the use of tests in the client’s native language. Although there are cases when the client don´t speak Swedish, where translated or non-verbal tests can be administered.  

For more information or a specific request please contact us. 


Phone number to Johan Söderström, owner & lic. psychologist:   073-053 50 36